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City Hall Departments & Information

Daly City residents will find the city has a very well organized structure that provides comprehensive services. There are plenty of accessible departments that best meet citizens’ needs. Divided into various categories, the main City Hall consists of library services, safety services such as fire and police, city government offices such as the clerk, city attorney, and city manager, water and wastewater, public works, and programs for community development and financial assistance. Many of the economic and development programs offer loans and grants to qualifying residents. Daly City is located within San Mateo County and in addition to the resources provided through city hall, there are additional resources and information readily available through the county.

Those who need to file a claim with the city will find the city attorney will handle the situation. The city clerk is readily available to assist in the needs of many residents. One of the most important departments located at city hall is that of economic and community development. Broken down into several smaller departments, the offices of economic and community development focus on building, code enforcement, planning, zoning, housing options and housing rehabilitation. Daly City residents will find that not only are many of their needs met through one of City Hall’s departments, but also they can easily be put in touch with the organization best suited for their particular situation.

Like many cities located in San Mateo County, Daly City residents may call the local 211 hotline for relevant information and answers to questions they may have. The 211 service provides residents with information and resources on situations such as day care, legal help and aid, assistance with necessities such as food, housing, and health care. Senior citizens in need of help may also find the community hotline provides beneficial help. The 211 service operates in conjunction with the United Way and is an excellent service for those who need additional resources.

The City Hall housing rehabilitation program is a great way for qualifying residents to obtain grants and loans that are used to make necessary repairs and improvements on their home. Housing rehabilitation loans offered by the city include loans for painting the exterior of the home, replacing and installing windows, repairing or installing new roofs, and loans to completely rehabilitate a home. In addition to loans, the city provides grants to qualifying individuals on features such as adding security bars to a home and minor home repair for the elderly and senior citizens.

Residents interested in starting a new business will find that City Hall provides resources for those interested in small business loans, commercial ventures, and more. Those who seek permits for films and movies will find that the city’s entrepreneurship program is an excellent resource. City Hall is the best method available for residents to find their local, elected official leaders. From council members, the city clerk and treasurer to the vice mayor and mayor, finding the person elected to your local office is simple.